Linguana is a website to help you with your Languages A-Levels, its main function being to test you on cultural stats and facts in French and German, or the context in your Latin texts (sorry Spanish buds, you're gonna have to miss out - I sadly only did 3 languages at A-Level...) But it's not just a tester; it's got jokes (what a surprise!), plus some resources that I found pretty useful!

For the tester, I've used the notes which I've collected over my 2 years of A-Level (2019-2021), so some of the stats will eventually get old, but they're still useful to make comparisons and such! You can find the full set of notes in the Facts and Stats tab, complete with running vocab lists.
Just an FYI, some notes aren't yet available for testing (they'll say there's 0 questions) - will get on that soon!

If you want to test yourself on your own notes, you'll have to do a little bit of work. You'll also have to wait, because genuinely, who knew working with an inputted txt file on js could be so tough.
1. Open a .txt file
2. Add the paragraphs/lines you want to be tested on.
3. Add *___* around any STATS you want to be tested on (e.g. "*55*% of people are cheeseburgers") - these MUST be numbers. Why? My program gives leeway with stats, so if you wrote 55, but the stat is actually 52, you still get that right. The program will break down if you use anything other than numbers and points. "55", "5.5", "5000" are allowed, but not "5,000".
4. Add ~___~ around any FACTS you want to be tested on. These can be words or numbers that you don't want leeway on - normally I put it around key words or key dates (e.g. "The whoopee cushion was invented in ~218~ AD by Syrian Emperor ~Varius Avitus Bassianus~, out of animal ~bladders~.")
5. For each line on the .txt file, you MUST have at least one *___* or ~___~. My program will die otherwise :(
6. Click the "Add your own file" button (which doesn't exist yet) on the main page and GO FORTH with your learning! You'll have to upload your text everytime btw - sorry!

If you have any questions or what not, email me! I'm happy to add more facts/stats, or resources that you suggest.
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Anyway, I hope you enjoy this website! Salut, mon ami! Tschüß, mein Freund! Adiós, mi amigo! Vale, amice!
Love, Lin